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Un film de

Marie Dumora

1h 47 min

Belinda is 9. Not the easily intimidated type. She loves life, she loves snow, ice to slide on, the children’s home where she lives with her sister. Her sister whom she loves even more than the rest. The authorities part them. So the sisters run away, crossing forests at night to reunite.

Belinda is 15. Not the type to work in a shoe shop.In mechanics at a pinch. She lives with her mother and is about to become godmother to Nicolas, her sister’s son.

Belinda is 23. She lives with her father, Frantz. She still loves dresses, high-heeled shoes and wearing her hair in a chignon.But, more than anything, she loves Thierry, his blue eyes and his accent from the Vosges mountains.She is there to meet him when he is released from jail. They want to get married so that nothing will ever part them again

Sortie nationale le 10 janvier 2018

Berlin 2017 - Panorama

Équipe technique

Réalisation : Marie Dumora
Son : Aline Huber, Martin Sadoux
Directeur de la photographie : Marie Dumora
Montage : Catherine Gouze

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